We sell our products whole and by the slice


sweet things

Pink Lady & Granny Smith Galette
a lovely open-faced, rustic apple pie made from our two favorite apples

Bourbon Walnut Pie
baked with pure maple syrup, toasty brown butter and a frisky splash of bourbon

Cazuela Pie
pumpkin + sweet potato + coconut milk….only available in December and one of our most beloved holiday pies

Mincesweet Pie
we’ve re-imagined the traditional mincemeat pie to celebrate beautiful local produce: baked with local dried organic peaches and apricots, quinces, citrus, apples and currants. slow-cooked with a generous dash of brandy and port, this is a must-try for mincemeat pie fans
(not available for pre-order; available Fri-Sun only)

Blueberry Pie
chock-full of juicy, purple-blue berries

Cherry Pie
baked with traditional Montmorency cherries

Key Lime Pie
a lively tart-sweet balance of refreshing lime

Chocolate Cream Pie
housemade semi-sweet chocolate custard topped with freshly-whipped cream

Coconut Cream Pie
housemade coconut custard topped with freshly-whipped cream

Butterscotch-Banana Cream Pie
housemade butterscotch custard + bananas + freshly-whipped cream

Old-Fashioned Lemon Meringue Mini Pie
creamy eureka lemon curd topped with an airy pouf of sweet meringue

Boozy Rum Cake
(21 and over only)
only available Fri/Sat/Sun

Fruit Hand Pie of the Day
fillings vary

Crusty Lusty of the Day
a palm-sized, flaky-crispy, open-faced mini pie
fruit fillings vary

savory things

only available frozen/unbaked: simple baking instructions included
all savory items are individually-sized

Real Chicken Pot Pie
lovely housemade gravy, roasted chicken, potatoes & carrots, peas, mushrooms and caramelized onions

Shepherd’s Pie
ground beef, roasted carrots & peas with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes

from the fountain

Locally-Made Ice Cream (selection of six flavors)
Pie Milkshake (pie of choice + ice cream of choice)


Hot Tea
Iced Tea
Cucumber Lemonade
“Arnold Palmer” iced tea + cucumber lemonade