We sell our products whole and by the slice


sweet things

Cherry Pie
baked with traditional Montmorency cherries

Pink Lady & Granny Smith Galette
a lovely, open-faced rustic apple pie made from our two favorite apples

Rhubarb & Raspberry Pie
back by popular demand -a feisty, gorgeously-colored pie

Lemon Chess Pie
a comforting, sweet customer favorite – so bright and citrusy!

Strawberry Cream Mini Pie
bursting with scrumptious strawberry flavor – for this month only
(only available fri/sat/sun; not available for pre-order)

Apricot & Sweet Cherry Pie
with a fun crunchy streusel top

Key Lime Pie
a lively tart-sweet balance of refreshing lime

Chocolate Cream Pie
housemade semi-sweet chocolate custard topped with freshly-whipped cream

Coconut Cream Pie
housemade coconut custard topped with freshly-whipped cream

Butterscotch-Banana Cream Pie
housemade butterscotch custard + bananas + freshly-whipped cream

Old-Fashioned Lemon Meringue Mini Pie
creamy eureka lemon curd topped with an airy pouf of sweet meringue

Lavender Shortbread
our favorite spring cookie

Fruit Hand Pie of the Day
fillings vary

Crusty Lusty of the Day
a palm-sized, flaky-crispy, open-faced mini pie
fruit fillings vary

savory things

only available frozen/unbaked: simple baking instructions included
all savory items are individually-sized

Real Chicken Pot Pie
lovely housemade gravy, roasted chicken, potatoes & carrots, peas, mushrooms and caramelized onions

Shepherd’s Pie
ground beef, roasted carrots & peas with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes

from the fountain

Locally-Made Ice Cream (selection of six flavors)
Pie Milkshake (pie of choice + ice cream of choice)


Hot Tea
Iced Tea
Cucumber Lemonade
“Arnold Palmer” iced tea + cucumber lemonade