Frequently Asked Questions2020-09-03T05:06:27+00:00

frequently asked questions

What makes Real Pie Company different than other bakeries and pie shops?2020-09-03T05:06:29+00:00

Real Pie Company is a neighborhood from-scratch bakery that celebrates the unique agricultural bounty of the Sacramento region. Our handcrafted, high-quality products showcase locally-grown produce in rustic and creative ways. Emphasis is placed on our pies, which are created with handmade, all-butter crusts and fresh, seasonal fruit and nuts; but we also offer an enticing selection of cream pies, produce-focused cakes, tarts, galettes and cookies. To complement the dessert offerings, we bake meat and vegetarian pot pies, hand pies, quiches and other seasonal savory pastries. We also offer pie milkshakes, composed of the customers’ choice of pie and locally-made ice cream.

Real Pie Company is very lucky to be located at the epicenter of California agriculture, and we source our seasonal ingredients from a wonderful array of small family farms throughout the region. We have a passion for educating our customers about these small farms, who provide Sacramentans with an extraordinary array of products. To that end, we proudly feature a large selection of regional farm trail maps in the shop, as well as local farmers’ market schedules and information about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.

What are your hours of operation?2020-09-14T19:45:25+00:00

We are open Fridays 11am to 6:30pm; Saturdays 10am to 5pm; and Sundays 11am to 5pm. We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open on Wednesdays and Thursdays pre-order pick ups only – from 12pm to 5:30pm

What’s the best way to store and serve my pie when I get it home?2017-10-04T19:25:10+00:00

Please see our section on the Care and Feeding of your Real Pie under “About”

Do you have seating at Real Pie Company?2020-08-05T23:05:05+00:00

No, unfortunately we do not offer dine-in service

Can I pre-order pies?2017-10-26T02:14:42+00:00

Yes. Please see our pre-ordering section under “About” for details.

Do you deliver pies?2017-10-04T19:26:25+00:00

We can deliver larger orders within a reasonable distance for a moderate fee. Please call for details.

Will you make a donation of pies to my fundraiser?2020-09-03T05:06:29+00:00

We make regular charitable contributions each year and give priority to community-based initiatives in the Sacramento region. Please email kira@realpiecompany to share your details.

Do you make pies for weddings and other large events?2017-10-04T19:26:55+00:00

We certainly do, with enough advance notice. Please call for details.

Why do your pies cost more than the pies we find at national chain restaurants and in the grocery store?2017-10-04T19:27:14+00:00

We source beautiful, ripe produce from a number of small family farms throughout the Sacramento region. The majority of this fruit is hand-selected by us to ensure that it meets our quality standards and that its flavor will shine deliciously in our pies and pastries. Our pie crust and tart dough are made with 100% sweet butter, and we hand-make every batch of dough at the shop. We do not use any preservatives in our products; and every pie and pastry is crafted daily by our bakers. We don’t use any shortcuts at the shop – we make our pastries the old-fashioned way, with lots of hard work and real commitment to the quality of our products.

Can you ship your pies to recipients outside of Sacramento?2017-10-04T19:27:30+00:00

No, we do not ship our pies anywhere. Because they are made with very fresh, seasonal ingredients, have a handmade all-butter crust and contain no preservatives, we don’t feel they would survive the journey well.

Do you make vegan pies?2017-10-04T19:30:33+00:00

Because butter is such an integral part of our pie dough, we do not make vegan pies at this time.

Do you sell your pies wholesale?2019-07-26T18:46:57+00:00

We have a limited number of wholesale relationships. For more details, please contact Kira or Fred at 916 838 4007.

Do you offer pie-baking classes?2017-10-26T02:15:55+00:00

Yes, for children ages 8-12. We offer several kids’ baking classes throughout the year. The best way to learn of these classes is by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter. We will also announce the classes on our website 6-8 weeks prior to a class. For more information click here.

Does your shop offer WiFi?2017-10-04T19:32:04+00:00

No, it does not.