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Apple Galette + Cinnamon Ice Cream – April 2018

Nothing could be more classic than the pairing of juicy, sweet-tart apples and cinnamon. Our galette, with its crispy crust and roasty apples, just begs to be partnered with a scoop of lush, lively cinnamon ice cream. Ask us to warm up your galette slice first.

Local artist Paula Amerine’s work is on display!

We’re lucky to have the opportunity to showcase Paula Amerine’s captivating images of Meyer lemons, carrots and Bing cherries in our pie shop. Many of the Placer County artist’s paintings focus on colorful agricultural products, and Paula works closely with local farmers to ensure she is creating engaging likenesses of her fruit and vegetable subjects.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Our first official “Wish You Made…” winner is someone very special to Real Pie Company – Kira’s mom, Pamela Cameron. Pam’s dessert wish was for an old-fangled pineapple upside-down cake, whose homey flavors take her right back to the bustling family gatherings she loved as a child. Pam remembers waiting in wiggly anticipation for the