Real Pie Programs

“Wish You Made…” Program
Don’t see what you crave in our display cases? Take a moment to provide us with your name, contact information and the pastry you’re hankering for, and drop it in our “Wish You Made…” box. Each month, we will pick one person’s wish out of the box, and (as long as the request is somewhat reasonable) we will bake that item for him/her and announce the result in our monthly e-newsletter and Facebook posting.

Free Slice of Pie program
Birthdays and good grades need to be celebrated. If you can show us proof that it’s your special day or that you’ve earned good grades (B’s or better) your piece of pie is on us.

Kids’ Pie-Baking Program
We have found kids to be very creative and enthusiastic pie-bakers, once they learn the basics. It is our pleasure to offer several pie-baking classes throughout the year for kids aged 8-12. During the class, we explore the wonderful array of produce that can be used for pies, sample seasonal fruits and vegetables, and discuss the important contribution of our small local farmers. Participants learn how to roll out dough and assemble and bake a fruit pie, which they will take home to their families at the end of the class, along with a personalized, kid-sized baking apron. The best way to learn about these classes is by signing up for our monthly e-newsletter. We will also announce the classes on our website 6-8 weeks prior to a class.